“Violence in video games leads to violence in real life.” I’ll be discussing this statement, which is not an analogy (Dr. Arthos claims that there is an A:B :: A:C analogy here but I cannot find one (perhaps “violence is to video games as violence is to real life?” I’m not convinced).

Let’s preface the discussion with this thought experiment: If Hitler had been accepted into art school, would the Holocaust have happened? Or would he have settled down, raised a family, and been a good Samaritan?

Yes, violence in video games obviously leads to violence in real life. Kids are naive. Kids that get abused abuse their kids. The brain of a child is like a sponge. It soaks up everything that it comes in contact with. Call of Duty? Sure, let’s let our kids play a game glorifying murder, violence, and gore!

Trump says that America is the most violent its ever been (just take a look at Chicago — you walk to the store, you get shot.) 10 years ago, parents didn’t let their 10 year old kids play Call of Battlefield or Duty. It’s a shame, really. I know best of all (I come from a family of 12) how easily kids are corrupted. This is a travesty. This needs to stop.




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