A Sign of the Times


Donald Trump won the Republican seat (fairly) and has a fair chance of becoming our next President.

What does this tell us about us?

First, notice that Trump would most likely not have gotten this far if he were campaigning in any other voting year in recent history. Thus, something special is going on today that allows the Man to be so popular.

A likely reason is that people are simply fed up with how America is doing. More specifically, this probably has to do with the declining middle class — the middle class has long been attainable in America by hard work, or so we believed (see: The American Dream). Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” implies that America is no longer Great — perhaps because of a declining middle class?

In short, Trump’s success comes from the fact that he is different from the other canidates in so many ways (outsider, arrogant, personally extremely wealthy, not politically correct).

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