Not a Eulogy

Friends, family, and frequenters of this blog: I’ve gathered you here not to talk about one of the many careless atrocities of this world, but rather something positive, something that I hope speaks true to all of us like the words of Ghandi did to his followers. Those with a sharp mind will understand that I am not talking about a person — no politician can capture the ideologies of everyone. I am here in thanks of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

Alas, friends, some of you may not be familiar with the name; but I assure you that you’ll recognize the tune. And that, truly, is where the beauty of Beethoven’s Fifth comes from. It’s ubiquity, it’s familiarity create a universal recognition for just three notes.

To me, Beethoven’s Fifth is a lot like soccer (or football for my European friends). From Ghana to Russia, Mexico to North Korea, America to Italy, everybody is familiar with the game. And this familiarity brings us, as a world, as people, together.


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