People’s Mindsets

This issue has been touched up in class a bit, but I think it’s very important to know exactly what two opposing sides are disagreeing on. Often, a disagreement can come down to differing definitions. Other times, a disagreement may come down to something simple but difficult to compromise on, such as differing morals (e.g opinions on abortion). It’s important to recognize this so that we can argue about things which people may actually change their mind on.

This is mostly unrelated to my last paragraph, but consider veganism. Disclaimer: I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian. People like to make fun of vegans for preaching their ideology and pushing it on others. You’ll hear someone say “I don’t care if they don’t eat meat, but they don’t have a right to tell me what to do.” But think about it from their perspective. To a vegan, killing animals is inherently very wrong, no matter what. A vegan won’t just think “I’m not going to kill animals but I don’t care if others do.” Think about something you think is very wrong: rape, for example. Of course, you won’t rape someone. But do you think it’s okay to be okay with others raping? To a vegan, the gap between killing an animal and raping a person may not be that great. Consider this next time you hear a vegan preaching.

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