Getting around campus: Bike or Skateboard?

Okay, everyone. It’s understandable that you would want to relive your punk phase, but please realize that it’s 2016 and skateboards are no longer cool (unless, of course, you have a desire to attract 13 year old girls that have dyed black hair.) These days, you’ll be much more impressive riding your 24-speed up and down the roads on campus.

Bicycles are better than skateboards for campus commuting for two reasons: they’re faster and they can go up hills. Some skateboarders claim that they can go blistering speeds down hills, but they’re brains certainly won’t thank them after they get into a crash (did you know that skateboards don’t have breaks?!). In reality, bikes can go faster safely down hill and on level ground. Best of all, bikes can actually go uphill at a reasonable pace, provided you have some amount of mass in your quadriceps.

Besides these, skateboards have a number of other disadvantages. Skateboarders can’t ride on roads (I wonder why…) and have worse handling abilities. In conclusion, if you can afford a bike but are considering a skateboard, make the obvious choice.

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