The Power of Speech

First Grade. Waiting in the kitchen for Dad to come home so we can start eating dinner. Dad’s home. Dinner starts. Spaghetti and meatballs. James’s favorite.

Dinner’s done and Dad has something for us. A surprise. What’s the surprise Daddy? It’s a package. A box. Rip the paper off. It’s a game. A game! Apples to Apples he says. Daddy explains. You get 5 cards and then you have to put your best card in the middle for each round and then the judge decides who’s card is best then they win. Daddy starts dealing out the cards but then the neighbor Jeremy yells from the window if I want to play tag.

Yes, I like tag. And last time Jeremy’s older brother won (he’s in 3rd grade) so now we decided to team up on him. Run out the door and say thanks to Mom for the dinner.

It’s 8 o’clock now Mom says so I have to come home for bedtime. I ask where’s Dad and she says he’s sleeping. He has to go to Indy for a meeting tomorrow. Very early. I go into the living room and I see something. It’s the game. Apples to Apples. Daddy’s game.

Mom says I can’t go into his room. He’s sleeping and he has a meeting very early tomorrow. It’s time for bedtime now so mom leads me to my room and tucks me in. 30 minutes. Can’t sleep. I sneak up to Daddy’s door.

“Thanks, Dad.”


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